Saturday, December 12, 2015

6 Things I Learned When I Buzzed My Head ||

So just recently I made a decision to do something.

My place of work was participating in Movember. But instead of just bringing awareness, they were raising money for 3 people at work. Two of them had or did have cancer, and the other lady has had 2 heart attacks. Of course most women cannot grow mustaches or beards, so I still wanted to participate. One of my co-workers mentioned to another one that he should shave his head and have people donate. The one he had mentioned it to was like "HECK NO." But lil' ol me piped up and said "I'd do it."

And that's where everything changed.

I had probably a month of thinking about it and what not. And then it happened. I was quite nervous at one point, but my boyfriend brought up the point that I was doing something good, and every time I looked at my hair cut it would remind me I did something really good. We had set a goal to raise $500 and then they would buzz my hair.

When it happened the rest of the day was extremely weird. I have a lot of very old fashioned people at my place of work. Probably the best way to word it. A lot of people were far more worried about it than I was.

These are several things I heard in the first 24 hours of buzzing my head.

1 ||
Just think of what those Christmas photos are going to look like.

Well frankly ma'am. I do not care. Firstly, I do not take Christmas photos. Secondly, even if I did I think my family who would receive those Christmas photos would be far more proud of me for what I did rather than be shallow about what their cousin, granddaughter, niece etc etc looks like in it. Also your hair is probably about the same length as mine, and everyone probably tells you that your Christmas photos look lovely. So hush.

2 ||
Oh! See it doesn't even look that bad.

WHAT KIND OF A BACK HANDED COMMENT IS THAT?! I never thought my head, face, and hair would look that bad. You also do not even know me, so how would you have even known if I had said I was going to look bad. I literally got this comment about 10 times that day, and not once did it make me feel any better about myself. By saying this I basically felt like they were saying, eh it looks fine but you still look a bit ridiculous.

3 ||
She's nuts, but very brave. I'd never do that.

I don't think I can ever understand why nuts, and brave some how go hand in hand. I also don't see why cutting my hair so short is nuts. It's going to grow back, and it's going to be 10x healthier than before. I think it's a real proper choice.

These were just a couple of things I could remember, but I just couldn't understand why people had such weird remarks about my hair, and why they couldn't focus on themselves.

But some people did say some nice things about it. Some of them were a bit weird but still good.

1 ||
She's got a cute face.

I guess I never thought my hair before covered my face, but it must of (?). Because a lot of people that day while it was happening, I could hear them saying 'She's got a really cute face.' I also have never heard that as a compliment, but I'm taking it as such.

2 ||
You look really cute with short hair.

While most of the compliments revolved around cute. (I think it's because I am a bit younger than a lot of them, so they feel very weird complimenting me in such ways.) I felt pretty good. As I was just getting the rest of it chopped out, one of the managers came up and told me. "Don't worry, because you look really cute with short hair!" And it made me feel pretty good. I've always had hair down to my shoulders at least, so hearing that made me feel a lot better.

3 ||
I like you with short hair.

While this one is a bit biased (as it came from my boyfriend, Jake.) It made me feel good, because honestly his was the opinion was the only one I cared about. He's usually there for me when I do interesting things, and he was there to stay by me when I chose to do this. It felt good coming home, and hearing him say that, and also telling me I'd now have to deal with short hair problems. Haha.

Overall I think this experience will definitely be an interesting, and I'll hopefully get to write more about it. It has so far just been strange. I'm not use to my hair being this length, so I always just think it's up in a ponytail!

Happy Sunday Morning.

{{ Natasha }}