Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Introduction!


20. style. beauty. lifestyle. 

Welcome! My name is Natasha, I am 20 years old from the Midwestern state of North Dakota, and have just recently moved over to the neighboring state Minnesota and a now living there with my boyfriend.

I am here to create something different, and something inspiring for others. I'm deeply invested in style, beauty, and interior design. I've been out of the house for about a year now, and with everything finally settling in properly I can start creating an interesting life. 

I want to show you guys my life as far as fashion, decor, and lifestyle items. As well as show you guys how to create your own lifestyle the way you want it to be. Let you guys be creative and give you great ideas, and fantastic places to get the items for you life. 

Fashion has been a part of my life for a long time, whether I've been good or bad at it. I hope to emerge myself into it as much as I can. 

I also enjoy interior design, lifestyle improvement, and beauty. I believe that all parts of your life should be equal, and that if you're going to have positive life, you should also focus on a positive and good look for yourself.